Baby nail Trimmer

Baby nail Trimmer

৳ 1,300.00

৳ 1,300.00

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Product Description

•The electric baby nail clippers is lightweight, compact, whisper-quiet design, comfortable to hold in hand. The best part of design on baby nail file clippers is having led front light fully considerate baby’s safety, it is safe , easy to use , you can file the nails very quickly both for baby and mom , the perfect baby shower gift for home or travel.


•Easy to use – Baby nail trimmer kit using one button operation just move the central button up or down to select the working modes (including fast & low speed, clockwise & anticlockwise rotating).

•Quiet motor – You never worry about loud noises waking sleeping babies.

•Soft LED design – This LED can light your baby’s nail when while trim the toddler toes or fingernails. 6 Grinding Heads: *For Baby Use Blue one: for 0~3 months old baby Orange one: for 4~11 months old baby Pink one: for over 12 months old baby or toddlers *For Adult Use White one: used for polishing the toenails or fingernails Stainless grinding head: for adults Cylinder grinding head: for adults to polish the edges of the nail How to operate 4 working modes R2—-Spin to the right at high speed R1—-Spin to the right at low speed L1—-Spin to the left at low speed L2—-Spin to the left at high speed The “0” means off mode Packing Included:

1* Main Machine

2* Filing Tools for Adults

3* Cushioned Grinding Heads for Babies

4* Extra Interchangeable Grinding Heads free

5*User manual

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