Chemistry A Course for ‘O’ Level (Third Edition)

Chemistry A Course for ‘O’ Level (Third Edition)

৳ 1,000.00

Author: Christopher N. Prescott

Publisher:Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 978-9810191450


Print: Local

Chemistry A Course for 'O' Level (Third Edition)`

৳ 1,000.00

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Product Description

‘Chemistry a course for a level third edition is an exclusively revised version of chemistry a course for a little second edition this latest edition fully meets the requirements of the new syllabus for the Singapore Cambridge GCEO level chemistry and semination it also implement the Ministry of education is initiative as the guards thinking skills information technology and national education. This chemistry course book places emphasis on care of the environment and the worlds diminishing resources such as metal or sand fossil feels and the need for recycling and conservation the attractively designed and well illustrated book comprises 25 units each of which prominently displayed the full features.

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