Secondary English (Book Three)

Secondary English (Book Three)

৳ 300.00

Author: Sadler Hayllar Powell


ISBN: 0-333-38135-1

Print: Local

Secondary English (Book Three)

৳ 300.00

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Product Description

Secondary English Series:

A four-book series for the first three years of Secondary school.

Secondary English is a comprehensive, integrated language and literature text. A solid coverage of important areas within any English course.

The language work includes usage, vocabulary, comprehension, punctuation and practical language concepts.

The creative writing exercises emphasize the development of writing skills.

The poems selected for each title offer a rich and stimulating body of writing and accompany discussion points and exercises to encourage a finer response from students.

“I believe you are onto a winner with these books, they are very thorough. They are well-structured”. Juliet Burley, National Foundation for Education Research, UK.

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