The Harrap Spelling Books for Schools (Book 1)

The Harrap Spelling Books for Schools (Book 1)

৳ 75.00

Author: Kenneth Anderson

Publisher:Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0-19-560991-3


Print: Local

The Harrap: Spelling Books for Schools (Book 1)

৳ 75.00

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Product Description

THIS series of four spelling books offers a course of regular weekly spelling lists and exercises aimed at improving the spelling ability of children in the 7-12 age group.

Every set is a complete lesson, beginning with a list of words, followed by exercises focusing attention on the more difficult parts of the words, and a dictation test at the end The graded course has been compiled after a careful study of the words children have to use at the age level and the spelling mistakes they tend to make. It is hoped that this series will go a long way towards helping children who are competent readers but indifferent spellers to reach the required standards.

The precise way in which the exercises are used will depend upon the teacher. The authors have found that a satisfactory method is to have the lists copied out one week, and the exercises done the following week. Books which have been closed for the dictation may be opened so that the children may check their own work if the teacher wishes.

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